Windows Converter - create software without programming

Windows Converter is an application generator. It can generate Windows executables without any computer programming. User just chooses existing command line application and converts it to much more intuitive Windows software.

Command line to Windows conversion

If you have some old software which works only from command line you can improve it right away! No need to hire any programmer or learn how to program Graphical User Interfaces. If you are scientist you have probably some specialized software, doing calculations for you. Windows Converter will saving your time then.

Imagine this scenario: you have to run your command line software with some input file as an argument:

Stubborn command

How long time you will spent localizing your files from command line? If you convert it by Windows Converter, all you need to do is just open file from most intuitive window file chooser:

File open

Generated application can be distributed as a new software, so you can sell Windows applications without any programming work. But of course you need to have command line applications first. But those are much cheaper!

Screen shots of Main Window and Generated Window

Windows Converter generator window
Generated windows application by Windows Converter

Installation on MS Windows

Download Windows Converter ZIP file (20MB) and unpack it. No installation procedure is required in this version. Inside unpacked directory run only one executable file windowsconverter.exe

Installation on Linux

Although Windows Converter is developed primary on Linux platform, in current release we don't have Linux version. Will it be anybody interested in? We are not sure. Please tell us HERE if you are. We will release it with pleasure.

Installation on MacOS

In current release we don't have Mac version. But we will prepare it if somebody will be interested in. Please tell us HERE if you are.

100% CLEAN Award

Windows Converter 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia