Video User Interface

Because people prefer movies over books

First, please check out our demo website. VUI (Video User Interface) is quite innovative solution and checking real example helps understand simple but new concept. Thank you.

What is VUI?

Your company can make videos showing your products or services, and our VUI solution will create from these movies interactive video webpage

Why VUI is New?

At the beginning computers display only text and recognize only text (pressing keyboard keys).

Then computers start to display graphics (in windows) and react on clicking images/icons.

Now computers can display videos, but only because of VUI they can react to them. User can click/choose not only text and images, but also videos !

Why use VUI?

It is natural evolution! Like from books to movies. First we had computers based on images. Why not go step further and use video to get user input.

The biggest advantage of using VUI is rich experience of user. How many people prefer movies over books?

In real world

Up to this moment VUI has been tested for Hotels and Tourism industries websites. Here is DEMO for booking hotel.

More information soon. If you are interested in our project, please contact us HERE.