RayCam - Laboratory Camera Viewer

RayCam is a viewer for network cameras, useful especially in laboratory. It can measure distance on the screen and translate it to real environment units. User can also mark interesting points on the screen.

RayCam is showing video content from network cameras. It was tested with AXIS cameras so far, but it should work with most cameras on the market. It utilizes well know Mplayer application, so many formats are supported.


  • Crosshairs - marking/tracing points on the screen
  • Zooming - video areas
  • Distance measuring - in pixels and user defined units
  • Snapshots - taking image snap shoots of current display
  • Recording - and saving to AVI files

Installation on MS Windows

Windows version of RayCam doesn't work yet. We are currently working on that! RayCam was designed to work primarily on Linux so please try for example Ubuntu system. Sorry for inconvenience. Send us your email using Contact Page if you want to be notified when windows version will be ready. Thanks.

Installation on Ubuntu

You can install RayCam on Ubuntu computer using PPA method. Just type following commands in the terminal window:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wyderka-t/raycam
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install raycam

Installation on any Linux system (from source code)

Download Latest RayCam source code tarball. Read INSTALL.txt file for details.