• When I go for a trip in Himalayas, can I see all ten 8000m peaks at once?
  • When I go for a trip to see a single mountain, can I see it in just a few seconds after leaving my house?
  • Can I locate all the dogs in my city?
  • Can I put a million of different pots in my kitchen?
  • Can I try 1000 dishes in 1000 seconds?

The information is everywhere. How the nature limits our exposure to it is quite simple. It puts us in the time-space like in a swamp.

Now. Our electronic information boxes. Computers, phones, smart-watches, whatever-will-be-on-the-market-in-2020…2021…2021… They seem to expose us to more information that we can handle of. Is that a problem you think? Maybe it isn’t. Just our brains are quite tired by rejecting most of the stuff.

Limiting the information from our boxes seems to be a radical and harmful action. But if we can filter out the obvious mismatches… Or maybe there is another way to navigate through information except going from the top to the deeps of the lists…

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programmer, engineer, linux only since 2002

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