Metallic Bottle - editor color scheme (for Geany and Gedit)

Metallic Bottle is colour scheme for programmers editors. It has white background and matches very common GTK theme called "Radiance". For now there is only version for Gedit and Geany editor, but maybe it will be ported to others too.

I've created Metallic Bottle because I couldn't find anything which looked good in my GTK theme - Radiance. But it should looks good in other bright GTK themes too.

Metallic Bottle characterizes small differences between colours. For example Comments and Strings look similar but different in the same time.

Installation on Geany

Copy file geany/metallic_bottle.conf to ~/.config/geany/colorscheme directory.

Installation on Gedit

Copy file gedit/metallic_bottle.xml to ~/.local/share/gtksourceview-3.0/styles directory (create gtksourceview-3.0 and styles subdirectories if missing).


Metallic Bottle can be found HERE on GitHub