My name is Tomasz Wyderka and I was born in Poland in 1981. In English language my name has direct equivalent – Thomas. But somehow Tom was always closer to me. Since 2011 I live in Thailand in the biggest city in the north called Chiang Mai.

My first computer was actually my brother’s toy. I put my hands on it when I was 17. Thank you my Dear Brother! It changed my life and I didn’t wanted to do anything else. Programming was somehow in my blood. It was a perfect tool to express my love for Mathematics. In 2005 I got Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Since 2002 until today I use only Linux/GNU/OSS. For many flavors of those operating system Debian is the closest to my heart. There was a time when I was working for very boring and big company and they forced everybody to have ms-windows, but I run Cygwin over it. And I dumped that crap for freelancing.

Today I have a very small software company CareKhon SYSTEMS in Thailand.

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